Sponsoring a Spouse From Cuba


Do you want to begin the process of sponsoring your Cuban spouse to Canada? This simple guide will help you to understand the basics of spousal sponsorship Canada and how it applies to your marriage to a Cuban citizen.

Marrying a Cuban Citizen

There are strict requirements set by the Cuban government on foreigners who wish to marry their citizens. These guidelines have been put in place to minimize marriages of convenience. All foreigners are required to apply for an official permission from the Cuban government to marry a citizen of Cuba.

The Cuban officials are looking for proof that, to start with, you are not married to someone else. If you have ever been married, all divorces should be finalized. You must also prove to the Cuban government that you have not committed any crimes in their country and also provide proof of your identity. Among the documents that you may need to provide during the process of getting married to a Cuban citizen are an Affidavit of Single Status and Divorce Decree.

For those who would like to relocate to Canada with the Cuban spouse, they must begin the process of filing for spousal sponsorship so that the foreigner is granted permanent residency. While the spousal sponsorship application is being processed, your Cuban spouse can apply for a visitor visa and continue living with you in Canada as you wait for a decision to be made.

Streamline the process of sponsoring a Cuban citizen

To start with, the process of marrying a Cuban is not so straightforward. There are a number of documents that you will need to collect and provide the Cuban government. A professional can help you to discuss the entire process and even facilitate it by helping you present the right documents to the required authorities.

Additionally, you will need to determine if you have met the eligibility requirements to apply for permission to marry a Cuban citizen. You need to prove to the Cuban authorities that you meet all these requirements. An immigration lawyer can help you to prove this.

Other than that, you need help determining your likelihood of success. Instead of losing time and money going through the spousal sponsorship process and get rejected, a consultant will advise you whether you are likely to succeed depending on your particular case.

To get an approval, all forms must be complete and accurately reflect your unique circumstances.

We can help you sponsor your spouse from Cuba

Working with an immigration lawyer will help to ensure that you not only complete the application forms correctly but also have all the supporting documents to prove your application is genuine. Sometimes you need guidance on the best way to submit your application to the Cuban government. There are mistakes that could cost you and that’s why you need a professional to advice on how to proceed after evaluating your unique circumstance. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery specializes in spousal sponsorship and have helped bring spouses and partners to Canada as permanent residents with high success rate!

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