5 Priority Immigration Occupations Worth Considering

Express Entry Canada
When you have a legal job offer from a Canadian employer, your chances of immigrating to Canada via the Express Entry system significantly improve. The immigration department places special importance to applicants with skilled work experience or a job offer when granting permanent residence. As you plan to immigrate to Canada, whether alone or with your family, it’s worth considering some of the great careers in demand and pick one that offers you the best opportunities. With the help of a qualified immigration lawyer, you can join the Express Entry program and get to fulfill your career goals in Canada.

Registered Nurses

If you are considering relocating to Canada as a qualified nursing professional, you have numerous opportunities to grow your career in Canada. The nursing demand in Canada has grown over the years because of several factors. As the population is aging, the seniors and elderly have higher health care needs which means new jobs will continue to come up every year. If the high demand for registered nurses in Canada is not met, there could be a shortage of 25,000 nurses by 2024.

Aerospace Engineers

Foreign nationals who have the skill and experience in aerospace engineering can also consider immigrating to Canada for full time employment. They can join the fast track work program and get temporary entry to Canada after receiving a job offer. All applicants who qualify for this particular role can receive work permits and be given a chance to work and live in Canada along with their dependents. After temporary entry, you can then apply for Canadian permanent residence with the help of an Express Entry lawyer Canada.

Civil Engineers

Express Entry Canada
If you are a civil engineer seeking to live and work in Canada, you have numerous opportunities for employment in different provinces and territories. You must meet certain minimum requirements and be able to carry out duties such as conducting research to determine project requirements, develop construction specifications and procedures as well as preparing contract documents and reviews for projects. You must also fulfill the basic academic requirements in order to be considered.


Welding is one of those occupations that are hardest to fill in Canada. This is largely due to new job growth in the country. The demand for welders is likely to grow as we witness growth in the manufacturing and fabrication sector. If you have high level skills in welding, you are likely to enjoy great job opportunities compared to those who have basic abilities.

Industrial Electrician

You may also apply for the Federal Skilled Trades program under the Express Entry system if you are an industrial electrician and have fulfilled the minimum basic requirements for this program. Industrial electrician jobs are highly unfilled because of lack of qualified workers in Canada. Many of them work in the manufacturing industry which is expected to grow over the years increasing the number of job openings in this field. Industrial electricians are highly on demand in Northwest territories and Nova Scotia. You may require a trade certification in order to be considered for this kind of skilled work.

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