6 Common Questions About Express Entry Program Answered

Express Entry Canada
There’s a lot of misconception regarding the Express Entry System. If you are considering applying for permanent residence under this system, it’s important to start by understanding the basics. We’ll cover a few commonly asked questions regarding Express Entry Program in Canada.

  • Which Immigration Programs Are Covered Under Express Entry?

The Express Entry system only applies to three economic immigration programs in Canada. These are:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Class Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • A portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs

You must fulfill all the requirements in any of the above programs in order to be considered in the Express Entry system. Bear in mind that Express Entry, is not a program in itself. It is simply a system for the management of a group of immigration programs that apply to skilled workers/economic immigrants.

  • How Long Will It Take For The Application To Be Processed?

When you receive an invitation to apply, you will be required to submit a complete application for permanent residence within 90 days. The IRCC aims to process the application within 6 months from the date on which you submitted the completed documents.

  • What Is An Express Entry Profile?

For any candidate who would like to be considered in the Express Entry System, he/she will need to make an expression of interest by filling their profile. This profile will contain the candidate’s information such as work experience, language and education.

  • What Happens After Creating An Express Entry Profile?

Once you create your Express Entry profile and you qualify for any of the 4 immigration programs that are considered in this system, you will be entered into the Express Entry pool. This pool contains a list of potential candidates who may be granted an invitation to apply via the program. Candidates are selected from the pool by the federal and provincial governments. Those who are selected are sent an “Invitation to Apply” for permanent residency under any one of the 4 programs. There is no limit as to the number of people who can be admitted into the pool.

  • What Happens Once You’re In The Pool?

Once in the pool, you can make changes to your Express Entry profile that could increase your chances of being given an invitation to apply. For instance, you can make changes to your work experience, education credentials or language proficiency. You can only receive an ITA if you meet the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System cut-off threshold set aside for that draw.

  • Why Do You Need The Help Of An Immigration Lawyer?

The information that you provide in your Express Entry profile is very critical. This is what determines whether you are going to be selected into the pool. If any of your personal information is found to be false, the IRCC may consider this misrepresentation and you could face hefty penalties such as being banned from re-entering the pool for 5 years. Working with an immigration lawyer helps to ensure that any information provided in the Express Entry profile is correct and accurate. An express entry lawyer Canada can help the candidate to assess their abilities and credentials and provide information that is not only relevant but also credible.

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