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Express Entry Canada
Would you like to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker? Canada’s immigration department created the Express Entry program that came into operation in January 1, 2015 to help streamline the selection and processing of economic immigration programs. One of the programs that is under Express Entry Canada is the Provincial Nominee Program.

The Provincial Nominee Programs

This is one of the fast-track programs for those applying for Canadian permanent residency. PNPs simply allow different territories and provinces in Canada to nominate a list of individuals that they would wish to immigrate to Canada. They choose from people who have expressed an interest in settling in a particular province. Each province has its own unique selection system. The two territories have also put in place their unique PNPs.

For the provinces and territories that participate in this program, they have to sign an agreement with the IRCC which allows them to nominate candidates/immigrants based on a set of requirements they have provided.

Why Were PNPs Established

The main goal of PNPs is to ensure that newcomers can efficiently and effectively live and work in their territories and provinces. The idea is to nominate immigrants who are able to contribute to the region’s economy. Therefore, the territory or province will set aside a list of requirements that must be fulfilled for the immigrant to be considered in their PNP.

The Provincial Nomination Certificates

Before applying for permanent residence in Canada, the nominee will first receive a provincial nomination certificate. This certificate is issued by the province or territory in which the nominee is applying to work and live. The nominee will then be required to make a separate application to the IRCC. This application will enable the nominee to be granted the permanent resident visa if he/she meets all the minimum requirements.

How Long Will The Application Take To Be Processed?

The processing times for provincial nominee programs vary depending on the visa office in which you apply to. If the application was made online via the Express Entry System, it will take approximately 6 months. Applications which are made through a base PNP stream outside the Express Entry System usually take longer, approximately 15 months to be processed.

Provinces That Do Not Participate In PNPs

Quebec is one of the provinces that doesn’t participate in the provincial nominee program. Quebec has its own unique criteria of admitting economic immigrants into their province which is approved by the Canadian government. If you intend to reside in Montreal or any other city or region in Quebec, you will be assessed using a different system commonly known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. If you meet the minimum requirements for the Regular Skilled Worker Program, you will be issued with a Quebec Selection Certificate and successful applicants will be given permanent resident visas.

Partnering with an immigration lawyer will help ensure that your application to any PNPs is processed faster by providing you all the assistance you need to submit accurate and correct information in your Express Entry profile.

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