Tips to Improve Express Entry Score

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Most people looking to apply for permanent residence and want to get their application approved fast would go for Express Entry Canada. One of the main challenges of this system is that candidates have to compete with each other to receive an invitation to apply. Only the best candidates who get a high score are given ITAs.

What are Express Entry Points

The Express Entry System uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to award points to candidates depending on several factors such as language proficiency, age, work experience among others. When you have more points, you earn a higher score and increase your chances of being chosen to apply for permanent residence. They look at the information provided in your profile to automatically assign points to you. 

Below are a few things on how to increase CRS score for Express Entry Canada.

1. Retake the language proficiency test

One of the easiest ways to improve Express Entry score is to improve your IELTS score. You can register and retake the test if you think you’ll get better results. This test alone can earn you up to 160 points.

2. Include your work experience

The work experience included in your Express Entry application will really play a huge role in calculating your points. An immigration lawyer can advise you to consider other options if your work experience is really low such as coming to Canada as a student or temporary worker first. You’ll also get advice on how to leverage the work experience you have as much as possible to earn additional points.

3. Take advantage of spousal points

Get an express entry lawyer Canada to advise you on whether you should include your spouse in the application as accompanying or non-accompanying. Remember that your profile will be scored differently if you have an accompanying spouse or partner versus not having one. You may have a higher score by including your spouse as non-accompanying and then, later on, sponsor them to join you in Canada. In case your spouse is a stronger applicant, you may want to make them the principal applicant. An immigration lawyer will be able to advise on what’s best depending on your unique situation.

4. A job offer from a Canadian employer

If you receive a job offer from a Canadian employer, you can earn additional 200 points. Connecting with Canadian employers from wherever you are is far from easy. Get a professional to show you where and how to source for jobs offered by Canadian employers in your field.

5. A nomination from a province

Express Entry candidates who are nominated by a province receive an additional 600 points. Work with an immigration lawyer to help you figure out which programs might be eligible for you and how you can apply for them. Applying for provincial nomination programs is usually a separate and detailed process so you need expert advice.

6. Study

Candidates with a post-secondary degree of three years or more earn 120 points. Another short post-secondary certificate could earn you more points. Consider going back to school as a way of enhancing your education and getting additional Express Entry points.


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