Immigrating To Canada As A Skilled Worker

Express Entry Canada The Canadian immigration department places special importance on immigrants who are going to contribute to growing the country’s economy. These skilled newcomers are considered highly valuable to Canada’s economy especially if they settle in the country on a permanent basis. It’s a way of improving the country’s workforce and that’s what led to the creation of the Express Entry system in January, 2015. Successful immigrants who apply through any of the economic programs will receive a permanent resident visa allowing them to live and work in Canada. Upon receiving a permanent visa, the applicants are able to relocate with their families and start a new life in Canada.

What Are Your Options?

There are numerous options to consider if you plan on immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker. The province or territory you choose matters because certain provinces have unique programs that they use to select skilled workers in their region. For instance, if you plan to immigrate to Quebec, you may need to apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Therefore, the first step is to know which province or territory you prefer to settle in.

Do You Qualify For PNPs?

You may also be able to submit an application under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). PNPs have different rules set aside by their respective provinces and territories. It is a way to ensure that these regions fulfill their workforce needs. Provinces that have created their own skilled worker programs nominate candidates who have met their basic minimum requirements. They will give nominees a provincial nomination certificate which they can use to apply for permanent residence and immigrate to Canada faster than other immigration programs.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

To determine if you qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker program, you can consult an Express Entry lawyer Canada who will walk you through all the basic minimum requirements. Generally, you must possess the skills, education and work experience as well as language proficiency to be considered in the Federal Skilled Worker program. This program applies to those immigrants who want to reside in any other province or territory outside of Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Professional or skilled workers who would like to live and work in Montreal or any other city or region in Quebec can apply through the Quebec Skilled Workers Program. The province has come up with a unique criterion of assessing its immigrant workforce. Successful applicants are issued the Quebec Selection Certificate then they can apply to the IRCC for a permanent resident visa.

Get Help From An Immigration Lawyer

An Express Entry lawyer can help you to determine which program you need to apply to and help in completing the required forms and profile. A lawyer will review your personal information and ensure it meets the minimum requirements for a specific program. Otherwise, you may end up being banned from ever applying under the Express Entry program if found to have incorrect or inaccurate information in your profile or permanent residency application.

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