Recent Changes To The Express Entry Program You Need to Know

Express Entry Canada

There have been some recent changes in the Express Entry system that affect candidates who had received an invitation to apply after June 6 2017. The updates will affect the new candidates who will be invited to apply in the next round. These are mere improvements to the system that aim at making the program more accessible to more skilled immigrants in Canada. We’ll highlight the changes below:

Earn Extra Points For Strong French Language Skills

Language proficiency is one of the key factors that determine how well you will be ranked in the Express Entry pool. The IRCC has now made changes to the points one can earn for having good French skills. Those candidates who score NCLC 7 or higher on all French language skills can now get up to 30 additional points depending on how they scored on their English skills. These points are added together with the ones they earn in other official languages. This particular change is targeting candidates with excellent French skills since Canadian employers and governments are constantly looking for immigrants with exceptional language abilities.

Get Extra Points For Siblings In Canada

Do you have any siblings in Canada? This can earn you additional points in your Express Entry application. You get 15 extra points if you or your spouse who will immigrate with you to Canada has a brother or sister living in Canada or who is a citizen/permanent resident. There are other conditions that must be fulfilled for you to earn these points. For instance, your brother or sister must be 18 years or older and you should be related by blood or through your spouse. You must also have a parent in common for you to be considered a sibling and be given the 15 additional points.

Job Bank Account Not Mandatory

Previously, you had to create a Job Match account with Job Bank which is typically designed to help match skilled immigrants to potential employers. However, this requirement has been scrapped off. If you meet the minimum criteria to join Express Entry Canada, you will be automatically placed in the pool and you can start receiving invitations to apply any moment. Creating the Job Match account is still important for personal reasons mainly because it can help you to look for work even after your permanent residence application is approved.

New System To Rank Candidates With Similar CRS Score

The CRS score is used to rank candidates in the Express Entry pool. In a situation where candidates receive the same score, the system will rank them based on the date and time that they submitted their profile. Remember the higher your rank, the more likely you are to receive an invitation to apply. This means that working with a credible Express Entry lawyer Canada to ensure you submit your profile as fast as possible and with accurate information will increase your chances of being considered during the next round of invitations.

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